Who are we?

Welcome to DonAlbum!

DonAlbum is a website for photography lovers that has been launched thanks to the success of SusanitaTieneUnRaton.com, a website for mothers to create photo memories. Just like that website, DonAlbum attempts to offer a solution to the lack of time, the complicated some applications can be, or the privacy of your photos when printing them.

DonAlbum has been developed from what is important today, like confidencesaving time and simplicity of use.

This is the team that is making this project possible:

The Technical Team of DonAlbum
Responsibles for the website and the editor

A web page like DonAlbum is a lot of work and therefore requires good programmers. Luckily, the boys of the Technical Team were very enthusiastic about the idea and put various hours and a lot of effort in creating the website, ensuring that all the software works perfectly and is always up to date.

Responsible for the Designs of DonAlbum

The designs and drawings on the website are a work of art of Judit.
Check our website from time to time and you'll discover her new creations with special themes adapted to the time of the year!

Responsible for the DonAlbum Community

Michiel makes sure that the message of DonAlbum reaches more people every day, both on Facebook and Twitter, but also on Skype and various other social networks. He loves to hear your opinion, so don't hesitate to contact him at info@donalbum.com to inform him about all your questions, compliments, comments, suggestions or complaints, etc...

As you can see, we have promised ourselves to make your life a bit easier, advise you and offer you the best possible options to make sure your photos come to life.
Our goal is to make the purchase of photo books, calendars, post cards and photo gifts easier, creating a friendly environment where you can buy photo gifts knowing that you can count on the support of a team that will ensure the privacy of your images, and that will continually review its program and products to provide you with new ways to enjoy your memories. Furthermore, we'll review each order with a lot of care, so that it arrives at your home in excellent conditions!

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