How does it work?

DonAlbum has been developed to let you create and design products with your favorite photos:

1) Choose the product that you like most
We dispose of handmade albums, calendars, agendas and postcards of different qualities, prices, formats and sizes.
2) Select the folder where your photos are located
You can use the photos you stored on your computer, but also your photos on Facebook, Flickr or Picasa. You can even compose your product using all the options at the same time!
3) Choose the theme, style and composition mode that you find the most interesting
We offer you a wide selecion of themes: vacations, sports, love and different styles!
You can choose between 2 different composition modes; Initiation for your first compositions, and Advanced which allows you to increase the possibilities offered by our editor.
4) Organize the photos as you like and enjoy composing and retouching them in our editor
5) After having confirmed your payment, the only thing that is left to do is wait your order!
Once completed and revised your finished composition and in maximum 7 to 9 working days (depending on the product), you'll receive your order at the address you provided us. To guarantee a smooth and safe delivery, we'll send your order via our 24-48h courier service.


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